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September 19, 2011
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This game is a finalist for the Int. Science and Engineering Visualization Contest! Yay!

Help me win the People's Choice award by voting for this game here: [link]

:squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee:

Hey Guys!

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) and NSF (National Science Foundation) are holding a science visualization contest ... and I'm planning to submit this evolution related game I'm working on.

The game will be played for five minutes and then evaluated for "visual impact" "effective communication" and ""freshness/originality." [link]

So, it's due at the end of this month and I'm trying to get it ready. Here's what I have so far.

Give it a whirl! I'd love to hear what you think about it. I'm interested in any kind of feedback, but especially I want to know if anything is unclear or confusing.

Also, if you observe anything interesting or do any experiments ... I'd really love to hear about that!

You can play it here, but you can also play it full-browser-screen here: [link]

I hope you enjoy it!

btw, this is version 2.0. The old version is here:

tumblr: [link]
blog: [link]
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I was playing this for a while and suddenly the creatures multiplied so much that I could barely do stuff at all. Then I set apocaliptic conditions and made them all extinct. *evil laugh*
Wow, this ist very impressive, thou goteth my vote for best video game designer on DA!
I placed some food and then it was: babybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby and then it lagged. XD pretty cool:D
larkinheather Oct 25, 2011  Professional Filmographer

that's funny. :)

I programmed it so there could only be at most around 100, but even at 100 it can lag!

Thanks for playing!!
no problem:) cool game:)))
clearkid Sep 29, 2011  Professional Filmographer
This is super interesting!
I've been observing for about half an hour on pretty random setup.
After playing around a bit I started noticing the difference between the faster creatures and the slower one. The faster ones get to the food first, multiply first and grow. BUT the slow ones have endurance for feast and famine. On food spots that give 2 food every 5 seconds the fast ones win, but the spots that give 15 food every 60 seconds the slow ones use fewer moves and last until the next meal. Also in a large, semi open group the virus effects everyone all the time, I've not seen a immune mutant emerge.
I might leave it on all night and see what's changed in the morning.
larkinheather Sep 29, 2011  Professional Filmographer
ahhh Thank you!! It's really nice to hear that!! Those are the kind of experiments I like to do, and I hoped other people would too. Glee!! Yeah, depending on the environment, the slow ones last! Faster ones come and go ... I like that because it shows how much 'survival of the fittest' depends on the environment. There is no one universal greater or worse "fitness."

Anyhoo, thanks so much for playing, experimenting and commenting clearkid! I'm very happy. ^__^
clearkid Sep 29, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Very true.
This is actually really intriguing, I kind of wish it was screensaver that had randomized layouts every thirty minutes. It's fun to watch! Very nicely done. :)
larkinheather Sep 30, 2011  Professional Filmographer
A screensaver with randomized layouts ... that would be cool. must investigate.

I'm writing my application for this contest right now and trying to keep my energy up. It's due today. It's nice to hear it's fun!
clearkid Sep 29, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Ha, after leaving it on all night they all turned into a variation of creatures so slow they didn't move at all, didn't waste any energy and never died. xD
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